Nick Waite

Nick Waite is the vice president of operations and finance for FieldReveal. Nick grew up in the northeastern South Dakota town of Watertown where he resides today. Nick received a bachelor of science degree in geographic information sciences and a bachelor of science degree in geography from South Dakota State University. Upon graduation in 2003, Nick spent time working for local and state governments focusing on GIS data management relating to 911 response and disease prevention. In the evening hours, Nick would spend time teaching working professionals from multiple organizations on how to implement GIS activities into their respective organizations.

Waite spent many summers on his grandparent’s farm in rural South Dakota and always had the desire to work in the ag industry. Finally, in 2006, he had the opportunity to join MZB Technologies, which is now FieldReveal. Nick’s roles within FieldReveal have evolved from data collection and data processing to managing FieldReveal’s Mapping Center and now to his current role. During this time Nick had the opportunity to work alongside Lake Area Technical Institute, a local two-year technical school, to implement a precision ag degree option where he taught two of the courses for several years to help get the program up and running.  He continues his involvement with Lake Area Tech by sitting on the Precision Ag Advisory Board.

Nick and his wife, Amy, have three girls who they chase around from swim meets to ball fields.  If Nick has any free time, you can usually find him in a deer stand with his bow or casting jigs for walleyes with his dad.