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Easy-to-use precision ag software for agronomists.

FieldReveal is a proven precision ag system and comprehensive mapping and data platform built for agronomists.


The FieldReveal Story

Over the last few decades, we’ve developed and evolved one of the most complete precision farming platforms that enables agronomists to clearly view comprehensive field data to make more efficient recommendations to their farmer customers. Designed to enhance partnerships between ag retailers and their customers, our system has been proven across millions of acres.

FieldReveal serves as a cloud-based hub for agronomists and allows them to easily connect with others involved in an operation – soil samplers, field scouts, dispatchers, applicators, and farmers. Accessible anywhere you have internet connectivity, it ties everything together and lets agronomists spend more time in the field with the farmer and less time in the office managing data and information.

Ag Data Done Right

AgWorks and FieldReveal are excited to announce the launch of Stratum, a new agriculture data processing tool. Stratum is a web-based, fast moving data management software that can process and clean datasets to your needs. Stratum also offers multi-year data storage and reference. Stratum brings a new way to move, clean and use any layer of data, from any file format.

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Built by agronomists for agronomists.
More field time, less office time.
An easier way to stay connected.

The Proven Solution

Many field agronomy prescriptions focus primarily on nitrogen levels and don’t account for other important plant nutrient levels. FieldReveal identifies the full spectrum of soil nutrient needs and provides prescriptions to create the ideal soil environment designed to maximize yield potential.

Our mission is to provide ag retailers with resources to manage agronomic data by offering the most advanced decision ag platform.

Our vision is to connect and sell the most advanced agronomic software solutions, which empower agronomy teams to be the vital, trusted advisor for their customer.

In 2015, Garden City Co-op needed a new vision and path for the scalability of our Precision Agriculture program. After reviewing our needs agronomically as it related to variable-rate fertilizing and seeding, we knew zone-based management was the best fit for our patrons farming practices. FieldReveal provided a tool that fit the vision we had for the program. The multi-layer agronomics, ease of use, and cloud-based platform allowed us to scale our program with an average annual growth rate of 215 percent since the introduction of FieldReveal to our members. - Michael Kempke, Garden City Cooperative