Choose a proven precision ag platform to offer a more innovative, more informed approach to optimizing crop inputs.

FieldReveal utilizes multi-dimensional data layers to minimize guesswork and maximize results at harvest. This intuitive, cloud-based technology platform has proven its worth to ag retailers and growers since 1997.

You can be confident it will deliver unique value to your customers, too.

The difference

Better data. Better decisions. FieldReveal connects agronomists, applicators and growers, providing integrated data that helps everyone involved have deeper conversations and make more informed management decisions.

Proven results on a robust platform.

The joint venture of four agribusinesses — Agtegra, Landus Cooperative, Central Valley Ag, and WinField United—FieldReveal comes to the market with a history of success. The basis for the FieldReveal platform started with the MZB Precision Farming System from Agtegra in 1997, and since has been proven effective in eight different states. Today, the partners of FieldReveal ensure their agronomists are empowered by local agronomy data to share with growers to participate in decisions about their individual management practices.

FieldReveal is anchored in local data and insights from grower customers to help growers see more within their fields. Additionally, with the backing of national partner, WinField United, FieldReveal is connected to the robust, local data of the team’s Answer Tech platform consisting of more than 300 Answer Plot trial sites both locally and nationally to improve decision making.

Built by agronomists, for agronomists.

This tool was built by agronomists and is used by agronomists. That’s what makes it so relevant and effective. FieldReveal was designed to enhance the partnership between ag retailers, agronomists, and their customers to make better, smarter management decisions.

Ag technology tools are abundant in agriculture today. Using the tools to have a better, richer conversation between agronomist, grower and retailer is what makes FieldReveal different.

The data

Discover the difference.

By keeping our platform grounded in local data, local expertise and local knowledge, you can be sure that your customers have the answers they need to get their desired results while minimizing inputs.

Complex made into conversations.

Geo-referenced, multi-layered sampling allows growers to see deeper into the fields they’re managing. Armed with this information, your local agronomist can engage in smarter conversations about the effectiveness of fertility management, plant nutrition and seeding strategies, making your team a more valuable agronomic partner to your customers.

Connectivity from the field to the office.

With connectivity to a wide range of precision ag tools, you’ll appreciate the strong support system and dispatch capabilities FieldReveal offers to help you deliver answers to growers. With various wireless controllers, growers will appreciate optimizing their inputs on each acre.