Work Smart With FieldReveal™ Tools

Agronomists can easily and efficiently create seeding and crop nutrition prescriptions with the tools in our intuitive, cloud-based platform.


Prescription Builder

Prescription Builder makes it simple for agronomists to quickly and efficiently write field prescriptions for multi-hybrid and variable-rate planting as well as variable-rate fertility.


Prescription Manager

  • Batch export prescription files
  • Change file type
  • Create a split-bin application file

Application Manager


  • Provide reports to growers, agronomists, crop consultants, dispatchers and applicators
  • Calculate fertilizer and seed usage by field or entire farm
  • Export fertilizer application and variable-rate seed files
  • View prior year applications and reports
  • Wireless transfer: send prescription files to dispatch or directly to the farmer’s cab

Map Maker

  • Access multiple layers of data (Yield, EC, Elevation, Zone Maps, GNDVI Image, and SSURGO Soil Survey Map)
  • Load and view yield maps
  • Generate reports to analyze or compare different layers

Summary Page


  • Single-page summary of entire farm
  • See which fields have been soil tested and are ready for application
  • Access all FieldReveal Tool modules (Prescription Builder, Application Manager, and Soil Sampling Manager)

Batch Print

  • Print documents and reports (application reports, soil test maps and graphs)
  • Print individual fields or all fields
  • Compile information needed for meeting with farmers or agronomists

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