The FieldReveal Story

2018 marks our 20th anniversary of being in business.

We have built our business on the idea that knowing what’s happening in the ground offers the most control over input costs and allows farmers to save time and feel confident in their management decisions.

It started in 1998 with a realization that there might be a better way to manage your fields. Ag retailers needed a more comprehensive and accurate precision ag platform for helping farmers make the best management decisions for every acre of every field. FieldReveal set out to find a solution.

After extensive testing, we discovered a strong correlation between soil electrical conductivity, field elevation and yield potential using GNDVI satellite imagery. This discovery led to the development of a zone management strategy, the MZB System, that analyzes field information and offers recommendations on variable-rate seeding and variable-rate fertilizer application.

Today, our mission is to provide ag retailers with resources to manage agronomic data by offering the most advanced decision ag platform. FieldReveal serves as a cloud-based tool for everyone involved in an operation – soil testers, field scouts, agronomists, dispatchers, applicators, and farmers. Accessible anywhere you have internet connectivity, it ties everything together and lets agronomists spend more time in the field with the farmer and less time in the office.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed and evolved the most complete, efficient and simple precision platform in the industry. Moving forward, we will continue to connect and sell the most advanced agronomic software solutions, which empower agronomy teams to be the vital, trusted advisor for their customer.


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