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The FieldReveal platform provides a comprehensive view of field and crop conditions.

Our platform makes it easy for agronomists to evaluate important plant nutrient levels and soil nutrient needs for each field. Our multi-layer approach identifies variability in residual nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and zinc that single-layer zone management programs may not see.

  • Connect with farmers, crop consultants, dispatchers, soil samplers, custom applicators and everyone else involved in the farming operation.
  • Provide current and accurate farm and field information to everyone involved.
  • Keep the people involved moving and communicating, saving time and creating efficiencies.
  • Access FieldReveal Tools for field prescriptions, variable-rate planting maps and critical insights.

FieldReveal Tools

Our intuitive, cloud-based platform allows agronomists to build relationships and work more closely with farmers on a field-by-field basis. It’s easier than ever to write prescriptions, download application files, print application reports, view field maps and soil sample data, and more.

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API Connections

Agronomists can streamline their workflow by communicating and sending orders from FieldReveal Tools directly to soil samplers, custom applicators, dispatchers, and more.

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Mapping Center

Our knowledgeable team of GIS and data management experts use state-of-the-art software to integrate data and provide support to agronomists who use FieldReveal Tools.

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Zone Management

Our multi-layer zone creation approach collects and curates field data from various sources, including soil electrical conductivity (EC), RTK-measured elevation and GNDVI crop vigor measurement. The information is sent to the FieldReveal™ Mapping Center where up to twelve different management zones are identified and created within a single field.

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Grid Management

Whether you’re looking to leverage years of traditional field and soil sample data, create new grid missions of any size or implement a new zone strategy across the field, FieldReveal makes it simple.

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